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24 February 2009 @ 06:22 pm
Gabilliam Fanfic. Chapter 9; Secret Hiding Place.  

Gabe had never even felt so many different emotions in his life, especially not all in one hit. The feelings were completely indescribable, it was way past resentment and any sort of hurt he’d felt before. No word could even come close to defining the way he was feeling. Gabe stood still, staring at nothing for nearly ten minutes, thinking about things that had been at the back of his head for what seemed like an eternity. It was only the fact he really needed the toilet that brought him back to reality. He wondered where William could’ve gone, then in an instant he knew and walked out of the bedroom. “Gabe, where the fuck are you going?” His mother demanded. “Out, Not that you’ve ever actually cared, I’ll be back when I’m back” Gabe spoke quietly, he was sick of yelling, he then shut the front door gently and he left.


Gabe stopped at a nearby service station and used the bathroom and bought a water to avoid conflict, Gabe was in no mood to be messed with. Gabe walked quickly, only one thing on his mind, William. Gabe wasn’t paying attention to where he was going and suddenly heard the screeching of tyres, he was knocked to the ground but the emotional pain was stronger than anything physical. He stood up and looked to see Nasty Nate in the passenger seat laughing his idiotic head off. Gabe just let it go and headed for the park. Gabe’s instincts had proven to be right thought William was there, in their secret hiding spot. They had played there since they could remember; nobody had ever been in their secret hiding place, not even Victoria. It was an incredibly special and significant place for the two of them and them alone.


Gabe sat down next to William, saying nothing. William leaned on Gabe’s should and instinctively Gabe placed his arm gently across Williams lower back. Gabe’s shirt slowly became dampened, not only from his tears, but Williams too. Suddenly William sat up and kissed Gabe, softly and then pulled away. Gabe put his hand around William’s neck and pulled him into a more hot and intense kiss. They continued to kiss, neither of them knowing where it was headed.


“So, where does this leave us? I mean… actually I don’t know what I mean” Gabe started, confusing himself more with every word. “Right now, that’s not of any importance, Gabe. We’re here in our place the rest of the world doesn’t matter right now. Let’s just talk.” William said, pulling Gabe into a warm hug.
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wakinupinvegas on May 15th, 2009 02:59 pm (UTC)
bonjour, an_afterword here. got a new journal, add?
emeeukif on November 1st, 2011 01:57 pm (UTC)
Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic