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24 February 2009 @ 06:20 pm
Gabilliam Fanfic. Chapter 7; You Probably Should See This.  

William woke up early, not by his decision, but he was tossing and turning and bumped his head on Victoria’s coffee table. He decided he may as well get up since he’d had trouble sleeping all night. He stood up and stared at Victoria, she was beautiful. After a good ten minutes of staring at her seemingly flawless figure he was assured he was gay, he hadn’t had a single sexual thought about her or an urge to jump into her sleeping bag, like most guys would. He stopped staring and headed for the kitchen, knowing Victoria’s house almost as well as his own. He pulled out three spoon’s, glasses, bowls and placemats then grabbed out some cereal and orange juice and started to prepare breakfast. Soon enough Victoria and Gabe entered the kitchen, ready to eat.


Afterward they returned home to continue on with the shed, Gabe felt completely comfortable with William, now they were getting close again. They had made a lot of progress in the shed, they’d worked another three hours in the morning, Gabe realised how big it actually was and was glad to have William there helping him. Gabe was actually starting to get used to the idea of living out there, it wasn’t that bad and it didn’t appear to be haunted, like he’d thought as a young boy. William’s stomach suddenly grumbled and Gabe turned to him and they both giggled a little, Gabe’s mother must of heard it because a few minutes later she appeared, holding a plate of peanut butter and honey sandwiches.


After lunch, William and Gabe made a lot of conversation, the topics were pretty deep but they just chatted casually as if talking about the results of the weekend’s footy match; which of course Gabe couldn’t care less about. They asked each other question after question, neither of them feeling weird or even hesitating to answer. Things were normal again. William felt a lot easier being around Gabe, now that he had been honest and upfront about everything. It was like a great weight had been lifted off his scrawny shoulders, he liked it that way.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” Gabe said, in a voice higher pitched than he’d planned. “Holy shit, Bill, I think you probably should see this… seriously get your tiny ass over here, I’m not kidding around.” William laughed and tossed the ugly, green cushion he was holding onto an over used couch that was sunken in the middle. He then hurried toward Gabe, tripping over an extension cord and landing flat on what Gabe called his ‘tiny ass’ he burst out laughing and Gabe shot him a look that said; not now. William jumped up and started to read over Gabe’s shoulder.

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