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24 February 2009 @ 06:19 pm
Gabilliam Fanfic. Chapter 6; Not On The First Date.  

“Where are we actually going?” William questioned. “No where in particular, just… walking.” Gabe answered with a smile. “Gabe, listen…” William started, “Don’t lecture me; please I don’t need it, Bill.” Gabe said, stopping him before he could start anything.

“It’s not that Gabe. I… look up to you so much, seriously. Gabe, can I tell you something?” William asked shyly. Gabe wondered what he could possibly have to ask that he could be so nervous about.

“Umm, sure” Gabe replied nervously. “It’s just, err… Gabe, I’m umm… I’m gay too.” William responded, trying to sneak a look at Gabe’s reaction, without making eye contact. “I know” Gabe answered, trying to look into William’s eyes to show that he understood and more importantly, to show he cared.


Gabe didn’t really know for sure but he always had his suspicions.

Gabe knew William had been on a fair few dates, he also knew William was a virgin but what he didn’t know was every date William went on, he made up a lame excuse to get out of kissing the girl. He always said something like “babe, I’ve got a cold” or “not on the first date” to avoid getting too close. William wanted nothing more than to be straight, for his whole life, but now he was finally coming to terms with it. He hoped his cousin would help him get through it all.


“B-but how?” William stuttered. Gabe brushed off the question, knowing that deep down the answer didn’t matter and simply asked William if he wanted to get some lunch. After lunch they headed to the park and just talked, about nothing in particular, just life in general. Gabe knew he had his true cousin back, the one he had so much respect for and cared about more than anyone.


“Who was that?” William asked after Gabe pulled his mobile out of his pocket, slid it open and replied to a text message. “Oh, just Vicky, what do you say to a movie night tonight? We can give the shed a break for today”, “Sure” William answered, grinning. They casually dawdled to Victorias place and Gabe rang his mother to let her know where they were. Of course they had an argument on the phone but Gabe was fine after he hung up. Gabe went into Victoria’s kitchen to make popcorn and get them all a drink, while he was gone William and Victoria started to chat a little. “What ever happened between Gabe and you?” She asked, “You were so close and then you just stopped coming up to stay” William thought for a minute, “I don’t know what happened but to be honest with you, Vicky, it’s in the past and I'm here now” He answered, hoping she had no more questions. Gabe walked back into the room, cheerfully tossing the two of them a can of coke and he sat down between them. “I love you guys” he said and hit play on the DVD remote.

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