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24 February 2009 @ 06:18 pm
Gabilliam Fanfic. Chapter 5; Pancakes.  
Gabe and William agreed to call it a night. They had been working solid for hours on end and were both exhausted. William called first shower and Gabe let him, too tired to fight for it. Gabe was still angry at William but even angrier at himself for letting their friendship drift apart over the years. He was one of the only people Gabe felt he could truly trust, once upon a time. Gabe felt bad for getting so fired up at William earlier, he knew it wasn’t his fault nobody believed him. He decided to let him sleep on the bed and he took the mattress on the floor. “Thanks man!” William said cheerfully, trying to put their day behind him. William had always been so good at making things better.


In the morning Gabe’s mother came in, opening the curtains, offering the two of them pancakes for breakfast, wine in hand as usual. “Morning Aunt Kat, I’d love pancakes, thanks” William half smiled, still drowsy. “Great! me too, Gabe’s going to make them, aren’t you Gabe?” She spoke in a quiet but firm tone, trying to play happy family, again. “Huh? What? Umm sure” Gabe agreed, avoiding an argument. They walked slowly down the stairs, eyes still half closed. William tripped down but Gabe grabbed his t-shirt in record time and stopped him from falling. William turned around and gave Gabe a genuine smile. Gabe smiled back, he felt appreciated for the first time in along while.


After breakfast, Gabe announced that he was taking William out. William had no idea where they were going, he just agreed with his friendly smile. Gabe’s mum called out “Don’t be too long” pretending to care as they left. Gabe turned around and stepped back inside the door, “we’ll take as long as we need and you really shouldn’t be drinking at this hour, especially when you are pregnant, or did you forget you’re pregnant like you forget everything else?!” Gabe yelled angrily. “I know I'm pregnant, but it’s your fault I drink, Gabe!’ she shot back at him. “Are you for real? It’s my fault? How exactly? I make you pancakes for breakfast and you thank me by blaming me for you being an alcoholic. That works huh!” Gabe yelled, slamming the door behind him and leaving with William.


“Dude, I never realised things were so bad… you know with you and your mum. I’m really sorry about giving you a hard time yesterday. I miss you, the way things used to be.” Gabe didn’t say anything, he knew saying something would spoil the moment; he simply stopped walking and pulled William into a firm but soft hug. After a minute or so they both let go at the same time, as if it was rehearsed. They both let out a little giggle and smiled at each other. They knew things were going to change here, they wouldn’t get back to normal but they were definitely changing.

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