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24 February 2009 @ 06:17 pm
Gabilliam Fanfic. Chapter 4; Fake Smiles All Round.  

Nearly four hours had passed in the shed; neither of them had spoken a word since their disagreement. It was easy for Gabe to ignore William; he was angry and didn’t want a conversation. William on the other hand, found it a little harder; he secretly looked up to Gabe a lot. Nobody knew it, but William was gay too. He just never had the guts to tell anybody.


William hated the idea of being gay; he tried hard to convince himself he wasn’t. He was quite popular at school, not just for his looks but he was genuinely nice. All the girls wanted him. William had been out on dates with several girls, the kiss at the end is what made him feel uneasy. The girls were just convinced he was playing hard to get, but he knew otherwise. Knowing Gabe was gay made it so much harder for him to get the idea out of his head. Gabe was treated so badly and it was unfair but William didn’t want to be treated the same way.


Gabe suddenly stopped midway through sorting a box and looked at William. “What ever happened between us, man?” he questioned his eyes glassy with tears. William was unsure how he was supposed to answer the question; he just stood up and sat down next to Gabe. They sat silently looking at each others trembling hands. They were both crying a little and trying not to show it. The silence would have been awkward for most people, in most situations but this silence said more than any words could have. Gabe’s mother walked in, she was always good at ruining things. “We’re having pizza for tea, what would you hard-working fella’s like, tonight?” she asked with a fake smile and a half empty glass of wine in her hand. Gabe looked at her in disbelief; how she could just play happy family when William was around was beyond him. “Umm… I’ll have whatever Gabe wants” William piped up, with an awkward smile. Gabe’s mother looked toward Gabe, still with her stupid, fake smile that angered him so much. “I don’t mind Mum, whatever you choose; Hawaiian is good if you like?” He said it actually not caring trying to put on a smile.  He knew if he didn’t choose he would be yelled at, like usual.


Gabe hated talking to his mother; sometimes he would rather just being yelled at rather than having to force a smile. Life would be a lot easier once Gabe was in the shed, well Gabe hoped so. He couldn’t handle it. His mother didn’t ever know of the Overdose, he simply told her he wasn’t feeling well, not that she cared.

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