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24 February 2009 @ 06:15 pm
Gabilliam Fanfic. Chapter 3; Fourteen and Alone.  

Gabe had always wondered why his sexuality was such a big deal. It’s not like he ever tried anything with anybody. Gabe just always tried his best to be ignored but Nate made sure that it didn’t happen. Nate used every excuse he could to hurt Gabe, emotionally and physically. Gabe could start his day normally and sometimes even happily and Nate would find a way to ruin it. On most mornings Nate would walk into Gabe and yell something like “watch where you’re going, you fucking faggot” making sure all the kids heard, but never in ear shot of a teacher. Day after day Gabe felt horrible and out of place.


There were only two things holding Gabe together, his music and Victoria. She meant everything to Gabe and more. She’d saved his life, literally. Gabe had suicidal thoughts from the age of eleven and the day of his fourteenth birthday he decided to do something about those thoughts. Victoria had just rang and cancelled on him. They were going to bake a cake for his birthday because his mother was out of town. What fourteen-year-old would want to spend his birthday alone?

As soon as he hung up the phone he burst out in tears. It hurt him so bad. She didn’t even sound like she cared how much she had let him down.


Gabe knew it was his time. It felt right. He had been sitting at his kitchen table staring at the cake ingredients. For half an hour, bawling his eyes out. He headed upstairs, determined to leave his terrible life. He went and took one last look at himself in his full length mirror. He stared hard at himself. He wasn’t that bad looking, a little scrawny, maybe but he had nice brown eyes and the kind of tan that most of the “barbies” at his school would kill for. “It’s time to go you pathetic loser” he mumbled to himself, still crying not even attempting to wipe away his tears.


He walked to the bathroom, knowing his mother had sleeping pills hidden behind the toilet. He stared at the container, telling himself it was the right thing to do. Nobody wanted him in the horrible world, not even Victoria. He decided even leaving a suicide note was pointless because nobody mattered anymore, nobody. He thought to himself for a minute, he suddenly gripped the sleeping pill bottle tighter and walked hurriedly to the kitchen. He grabbed a can of Sunkist from the fridge, his favourite then opened it. He unscrewed the lid of the pills and poured them into his hand. He started with 2, 3, 9 then 14 and soon he was on the ground.


“Gabe, Gabe, where are you?” Victoria called out, confused. She’d been at the door for about 5 minutes knocking, she decided to sneak out and surprise him because she felt so bad her mother wouldn’t let her out.  She noticed it was open and let her self in... “GABE! GABE! ARE YOU OKAY? GABE WAKE UP!” she screamed frantically. She picked up the phone and punched in the emergency number. “I-I-I don’t know he’s, floor, pills, floor, Gabe!” Victoria repeated, not managing full sentences. The lady on the other end told her to calm down. “Just hurry, please, hurry!” Victoria begged.

After she’d hung up the phone she crouched down to Gabe and put her hand on his face. “Please, Gabe, you can do this, please just wake up.” She gently rocked him, holding him by the shoulders, still nothing. Tear after tear dropped onto Gabe’s cheeks, Victoria hadn’t even noticed she was crying until she saw a tear roll off his face down his neck.


In the emergency room Victoria was asked so many questions but she was hardly able to speak. She was told that Gabe’s stomach had been pumped and they wouldn’t know the outcome. She sat at his side, holding his hand talking to him, bringing up memories. Once she had heard that people in comas could hear you so she figured it must be worth a try.

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