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24 February 2009 @ 06:14 pm
Gabilliam Fanfic. Chapter 2; Different  

Gabe knew he was different from most other boys right from a young age. He was about three when he realised he’d much rather have a Barbie than a toy car, and knew he’d definitely choose singing and dancing over kicking the footy any day. He’d always been the outcast at school, with nearly no friends. Nasty Nate made sure that Gabe felt horrible and out of place every minute he spent there. Gabe desperately wanted to move school but his mother and father wouldn’t allow it, they simply told him to toughen up.

 It was one day in grade six that he realised exactly how he was different, with some help of Nasty Nate of course. A new boy, Alexandro Francisco Suarez something a rather that he had introduced himself as, sending the whole class into giggles and then said “Just call me Alex”, brushing of the laughter. Alex had invited Gabe to play footy, even though he hated football he couldn’t say no to such a gorgeous face and it was a chance to make some friends.

Gabe was playing and actually doing well until Alex decided to tackle him, they both wound up on the floor in fits of laughter. Everything was okay until Gabe stood up and Nasty Nate hollered at him “Hey Gabriella what’s in your pants. Did Alex go a little hard on you?” followed by a roar of laughter from all the kids that surrounded him. Gabe peeked down and saw what was in his pants, or not so much. He instantly turned and ran for the bathroom trying his hardest to not cry in front of anybody.

“You are simply the biggest jerk on the face of the planet!” squealed Victoria in Nasty Nate’s face and with that she pushed him, one hard push straight in his chest and he landed flat on his rear. She stormed off and ran straight for the bathroom, not caring if people laughed at her for entering the boy’s room. Victoria never cared what people thought about her and Gabe admired her so much for that. Victoria took one look at Gabe and threw her arms around him and gave him the biggest hug he ever had, simply because she knew that was all her best friend needed.

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