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24 February 2009 @ 06:09 pm
Gabilliam Fanfic. Chapter 1; It's not a Phase.  

“This is so unfair!” William exclaimed. “Why do I have to clean out your fucking shed?”

“Well to start with, you don’t, we both do and be grateful because you’re getting paid so quit your complaining!” snapped Gabe.

“Wait, what? So you aren’t getting paid for this, but I am?” William asked with a confused look across his face.

“No! I’m not it’s my “punish-“

”Oh, yeah your punishment for the whole gay phase thing, right?” questioned William uneasily, cutting Gabe off slightly.

“IT’S NOT A FUCKING; it-it’s not a phase alright. There’s no way I’m screwing some chick, not now, not in ten years, not ever! Why will nobody take me seriously with this?” Gabe said, slightly calming his tone.

Gabe felt gutted that nobody would believe him about his sexuality, it’s not like it was a choice he had made. He didn’t wake up one morning and decide he liked boys. Gabe was gay and he didn’t mind it being like that. William could see it in Gabe’s eyes just how hurt he was about not being taken seriously.

“I’m sorry, I-I just thought” started William in a comforting tone.” I really don’t care what you thought, Bill. I’m gay and that’s how it’s going to be, so live with it or fuck off, alright?” Gabe shot back angrily.” Okay, I’m sorry man. You um... need some help with that cupboard or what?”  William asked trying to change the subject.

Gabe didn’t know how he was expected to spend the entire week with his cousin William when he knew he doubted him so much. Gabe could never figure out what happened between the two of them. They were so close as young boy’s now they’ve grown apart a lot, even more so after Gabe’s “coming out”. Gabe knew deep down that most people hated him; he knew that even if his mum wasn’t expecting a baby he’d still be banished to the shed. The only person he could ever rely on one hundred percent was his best friend, Victoria.

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